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Nice weather this weekend meant A LOT of shopping for me! I guess when it's cold I spend too much on coffee, and when it's warm, I just spend too much on everything! Although, according to me, it was a very successful weekend. Besides the things that I am going to show you, I also purchased three vertical canvases to paint a chevron pattern on to place behind my couch, a magazine rack that I will be most likely painting white, and A TON of paint! Nice weather = Painting in my eyes, and I can't wait!

So, it was perfect timing, because I had just read about how Barbara from Hodge:Podge created a burlap bulletin board. I loved the idea and the look of the new bulletin board so much, so I bookmarked the page under my "Projects" tab and kept reading. Well, on Saturday at my first garage sale of the season, I came across a whole 3 yards of burlap and it was the perfect color. Now, the best part is the price. A whopping $1.00 for the entire thing! Oh, how I have missed garage sales! So, this project is now on my immediate to-do list, thanks to this awesome find:

Then, I stopped at a local thrift store that I had just heard about and was blown away by how huge it is inside! I'll admit, thrift stores do scare me a bit, and I don't think it's really the things that I find there that scare me, but more the people. But, I pulled up my big girl pants and started digging. I found a lot of great things, including this ENTIRE roll of fabric in the same color as the other pillows that I am making. Best part = $6.00 for an entire roll. I haven't measured it out yet, but there has to be at least 10 yards. I am considering curtains. Has anyone seen curtains in this pattern before? I am curious.

Then, on Sunday, I stopped by the Goodwill to drop more clothes/junk off for donation and ran across this beauty:

Some of you may recognize it because it's at Target right now for $19.99. I got it brand new at Goodwill for $7.99. I couldn't pass that up. It is going to match my new bedroom perfectly!

I am going to have a lot of good painting posts coming up soon, now that the weather will cooperate with me, so keep an eye out for those. I also post all of my posts on my Facebook page, so if we aren't friends, you can find me here. Just send me a message with the request, telling me that you found me on here!

Talk to you soon!


InteriorGroupie said...

Wow those are all great finds! If your shopping is always on deals like those you are doing better than coffee prices! :)

amanda said...

I know! Gotta love a great thrift store! Can't wait to explore in Chicago when I get there =)

BTW - love your blog, lots of great inspiration over there!

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