Awesome Items for an Awesome Earth!

In honor of Earth Day today, I wanted to share with my readers a few of the household items that I absolutely love!

First, these pillows are amazing. They are so cute and the best part.... really eco-friendly. These beauties are from Inhabit, and you can find them for $45.00. All of Inhabit' pillows are hand-printed in the USA using environmentally-friendly, VOC free inks and the fabrics are derived from certified recycled post-consumer waste and all paper from the printing process is shredded and repurposed as packing material. So, your house can look awesome, and the post-purchase splurge guilt won't linger {as much}!

Next, are these italian herb planters. The reason I love these is because I rent and don't have the space for large plants, but I love the the look of a natural apartment.

And, last but definitely not least is one of my favorite household items, rugs!!! These rugs are from Viva Terra and cost only $49 for a 4x6 of the striped and $98 for the blue 4x6. They are made from recycled plastic bottles and packaging materials.

Happy Earth Day!

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