On Vacation

I am so happy to say that I will be on vacation until July 5th! I leave for Michigan tonight, and my flight leaves on Friday for Orlando. It is going to be a busy week. We are hitting every stop in Orlando that you can possibly imagine.

Here's what my week and a half will consist of:


Vintage Finds

photo credit: Modcloth

Find anything in your Grandma's closet lately. Sounds a bit creepy, but you might be able to find something this cute in there! Completely worth it.


Happy First Day of Summer!

photo credit: Modcloth

Enjoy the first day of summer, because as of today, we are getting closer and closer to the dreaded winter!


Ever Heard of It?

If you guys haven't heard of Heartsy, yet, allow me to say You're Welcome! If you love Etsy, then you will definitely love Heartsy.

Consider Heartsy, the Groupon of handmade products! They have amazing deals. Today, I just bought a deal from Etsy seller, bits & barley. I got a $37 gift card for free. All I had to do was sign up for the VIP membership. I earned the other credits to purchase the gift card by referring my friends to Heartsy.

So, point of the story: Heartsy is awesome and everyone should check it out!

I've already starting browsing through bits & barley, trying to decide which items I want to buy. Hard decision, since there are more than $37 worth of items that I want! Here are a few of my favorites, so far:

Bonus: They all come wrapped in this cute pillow box!

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New Art Shop

A blog that I follow, Mimi + Meg, just announced that Megan Biram, owner of Mimi + Meg, has opened her own art shop. The shop features original paintings by Megan inspired by her own boobs! Yes, you heard that right! Her paintings feature abstract elements with prints of her boobs. 10% of profits will be donated to support breast cancer.

Head on over to her shop!

summer 1


From the Office of...

Offices are always inspiring to me. It's the most important part of my apartment, because there is so much creativity that must happen there. I rounded up a few offices that I would love to work in for a day.

via {C.S. Neal}


Is your office inspiring? Send me a picture at aressenm@gmail.com. I'll feature it in my next "From the Office of..." post.


I Spy... a White Cow

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks! Wanted to share my latest I Spy.

White Cow

via {Modvi Design}

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