First attempt at cording = Success!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share the final product of my first attempt at adding cording to a pillow cover. Not to mention, this is only the second pillow that I have ever made! Not too shabby! I was going to also attempt to add a zipper, but I am thinking I should take it one step at a time, maybe the next one will have a zipper.

Take a look:

It even has 2 different fabrics!

Does anyone have any good tutorials to share from their blog? List them below!


barbara@hodge:podge said...

I just finished a pillow with piping and an invisible zipper. I love how mine turned out but it took me forever, which for a seasoned sewer like me, was quite a feat!

amanda said...

Yeah, I learned a few things after making the first one. Did you have a tutorial? Post it on here for others to see =)

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