upcoming project. 4.6.11

So, since I am just starting this blog, I have so much to tell everyone! I have about 6 projects lined up and ready to go, not to mention the million other wedding projects I will need to squeeze in soon! So for an update, over the next few weeks I will be preparing for our big move to Naperville, which means lots of redecorating, repurposing and creating! Some of my favorite things to do!

I have been thinking about the two lamps that I posted yesterday, contemplating what to do with them. I designed a small inspiration board that sums it up. I am looking to put these in the bedroom, and want to do a more nautical look.

This lamp is something I ran across on Handmadeology. You can find the tutorial here. I am in LOVE with this and can not wait to get started on this project! I'll make sure I post about the process when I finally get around to it!

I am also thinking that something around these lines is going to be up soon on my To Do List:

The hanging poof, not the pool table =)

Do you have any upcoming projects that you are uber excited about starting?

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