Nightstand Hunt

Since I am soon going to be moving, I am also on the hunt for some awesome furniture that will actually fit inside my 625 sq. foot apartment! It is going to be hard, but with a lot of searching, I think I will be able to find some great pieces!

Today, I am on the hunt for 2 nightstands. Currently I have the LACK side table in yellow from IKEA.
I was considering just purchasing another one, but decided I wanted to go on a little hunt! I have collected a few of my favorites below. Hopefully I will find something soon!

I love the simplicity of the Rykene Nightstand from IKEA.

I also ran across this one too. It's the ENGAN nightstand from IKEA.

I also found this great one from Anthropologie. It's a bit out of my budget at $248, and when I have to buy two, that will really add up!

Have you found any good ones that you think I might like? Share them with me, if you'd like! I would appreciate it!

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