A Little Washi

so, I know everyone is in love with washi tape. i have been on the hunt for the perfect roll. But, who are we kidding, I'll probably end up buying like 10 rolls. so, once I came to that conclusion, i was on the hunt for some cute/affordable washi tape. here's what i rounded up. 

for all you creatives out there: there's a link at the bottom teaching you how to design your own washi tape in photoshop.

dots, lines, grids washi tape
romantic lace washi tape
colorful striped washi tape
black and white striped washi tape
solid colors washi tape

or if you are super creative and want to use washi tape on your blog (without sticking tape onto your computer) you can learn how to design your own washi tape. i'll be partaking on this little tutorial in the near future.

any more links out there for some awesome washi paper designs? share below.

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