Boo to Me

i can not wait another 3 weeks to GET MARRIED! but i am a little selfish in my happiness. although i will love being married to my best friend, this whole wedding planning thing is just not for me. i have a  lot of hobbies and i mean A LOT of hobbies. but, somehow, wedding planning isn't one of things. at all. 3 weeks to go and it's crunch time. once the day comes, i will be able to breathe and focus more on things that i want to focus on. why are wedding planners so expensive? if you have the dough, i highly recommend hiring if you're anything like me.

for example, here is one thing that i would like to focus on. learning how to actually use my new camera.

photos taken by amanda

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Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

Whhhhaaaat you're getting married?!! Clearly we haven't talked enough. Congrats!! Enjoy these next three weeks : )

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