Mid-Century Love

So, exciting day over here at the Genther household. Freelance is really taking off for me, first giveaway on the blog started yesterday, and we got our wedding pictures in the mail yesterday. I am in the middle of editing them, but hope to have them up on the blog by early next week. Oh, and got pre-approved for a house last week, even though we don't plan on buying until middle of next year...but still exciting stuff!

Anyways, I rounded up some of my favorite Mid-Century interior design photos. Soon, I'll have to start collecting these photos when I start to research for our new home!

Top photo, bottom left, bottom right.

Don't forget... Giveaway ends on Sunday at 12 pm (CST). You can find out how to enter here


Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

Pretty photos! Very exciting, Amanda!!

amanda said...

Thanks Colleen!

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