Puppy Love {by æ}

How cute is this bow? When I saw it, I immediately thought of my puppy. I found it on Silly Buddy's Etsy shop. Below are a couple more items from their shop and then a few shots of my puppy! The best thing about SillyBuddy is they donate 3% of their sales to the Hinsdale Humane Society; A local non-profit animal shelter.

Sage Honeycomb Bow Tie Dog Collar

My baby {the little one} with Apollo, Steven's family dog. 

All grown up!

This was the proud moment where she graduated from puppy training classes. 
It was scary for a bit, we didn't think the trainer was going to pass her! She knew HOW to do everything, it just depended on if she wanted to that day or not. Smart dog = pain in the ass!

Cheers! It's almost Memorial Day weekend, pools open in 2 days and life is grand :-)

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