My Apartment: Before

Hello everyone. Just in case you haven't seen on my Facebook page yet, I am almost completely finished decorating my new apartment (well, not completely finished. I don't think you are every really completely finished decorating anything). I promised I would post before and afters, so here are the before pictures (The layout is actually backwards because these pictures are not of the exact same apartment, but this one is the same size and layout, just backwards). It's a cute apartment located in Naperville, IL, an amazing city.

The challenge was definitely the size of the apartment. Although, there was a separate dining and living space, along with a walk-in closet and laundry room, this was much smaller than my last apartment. But, I looked at it as an exciting challenge to do something I hadn't done before, scale down. This forced me to sell my existing furniture inmy old apartment: a couch, coffee table, entertainment center, desk and side table. I purchased new, size-appropriate furniture and decorations.

Living Room

Skylights in Living Room

Fireplace in Living Room

Dining Room


Bedroom/ Walk-In Closet

I will be posting the after pictures on Monday. I can't wait to show everyone!

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